The Real Connotation of the Eye of Horus

The Real Connotation of the Eye of Horus

The Eye of Horus Story

Ancient Egypt is a gate of astonishment and magic. Once you enter the gate you are drawn into the mysterious myths and the surprising facts. They are the geniuses of all times; discovering facts that we are still trying to understand till our current time. One of the most stunning motifs of the Egyptian Myth is the Eye of Horus, for its various connotations. It is a symbol of protection, power, and hidden knowledge of being a mathematical base and a reference to the human senses.                         

Discover now about Eye of Horus true story and real meaning, share your thoughts via commentsGod Ra with the Eye of Horus and the Ankh                                                          

The Drama story of the Eye of Horus

The Protective Eye used nowadays is a mere variation of the Ancient Egyptian Eye of Horus. We came to know about the truth behind the Wedjat Eye of Horus through the storylines of the betrayal and murder of Seth and Osiris. They had a bloody relationship that was marked in ancient Egyptian history. It was believed that Osiris was the Egyptian king, however, Seth, who was the brother of Osiris, desired to steal the throne for himself. Seth using his tricky ways succeeded in murdering Osiris and won the Egyptian role. But fortunately, by the loyal and loving wife, Isis succeeded in returning her husband into life one more time, using her magic, and became pregnant with Horus.                                                       Find out about the Egyptian Horus God Eye and its meaning in the Ancient Egyptian History, Share your thoughts via comments BelowThe Ancient Egyptian God Horus

The Rise of the Son Revenging for his Father

Horus, the son of both Isis and Osiris, had grown to become the God of the Sky, related to Ra God who was the God of the sun. He was usually depicted as a falcon-headed on ancient Egyptian temples’ walls. Horus upon reaching adulthood thought to take revenge for his father from his uncle Seth. He fought him in a series of battles, and finally, he succeeded in killing him. However, during this struggle, Horus lost his left eye. There are two scenarios about how he lost it. One story says that his uncle, Seth, had ripped Horus Eye out and tore it into six parts, and throw it away. In another myth, it was believed that Horus himself gouged his eye out as a sacrifice to bring his dad back from the afterlife. Later on, Horus's eye was restored by either Hathor or Thoth (The Goddess of Wisdom).                                                                                                       Find out now about the True story and meaning of Horus Eye parts and what hey present in the Egyptian History, Read now and share your thoughts via comments below

The mathematical connotation of the Horus Eye  

The Different Connotations of the Eye of Horus

Horus Eye has been an everlasting ancient Egyptian motif during all times. In the History lines, it was remarked as a symbol of protection, royal power, Good Health, and sometimes a symbol of illusion and knowledge. It is also known as the Wedjat or the wedjat eye of Horus or even it is mentioned in some contexts as the Egyptian Eye. Apart from the magical usage of the wedjat eye, it has a number of deep meanings that will absolutely surprise you.

The Mathematical Truth Hidden in the Eye of Horus

Firstly, the eye of Horus helped in the Ancient Egyptian acquisition of some mathematical knowledge. Depending on the myth that the eye of Horus was ripped into six parts, each part gave friction as a mathematical measure. The Right Side of the eye represents 1/2, the pupil is 1/4, the eyebrow is 1/8, the left side of the eye stands for 1/16, the curved tail is 1/32, and finally, the teardrop is 1/64.

Eye of Horus Represents the different Human Senses

Each part of Horus's eye represented a different human sense. The right side of the eye represented the sense of smell because it is the closest to the human nose. On the same stance, the left part of the eye represented the sense of hearing because it is the nearest to the ears. Additionally, it represented hearing as it is already drawn as a musical instrument. However, the pupil stood for the sense of sight. Surprisingly, the eyebrows represented the thought as it is used to express one thought. The curved tail resembled a sprout from a planted stalk of wheat or grain. As a representation of food, this part of the Eye of Horus corresponds to the sense of taste. Eventually, the teardrop is supposed to represent the sense of touch, as this part of the Eye represents a stalk being planted into the ground, an act that involves physical contact and touching.                                                                                                       Find out about the Eye of Horus and its meaning in the Ancient Egyptian History, Share your thoughts via comments Below

Handmade Jewelry in the shape of Horus Eye                                                                                             

Horus Eye usage in the Jewelry pieces

A memorial intention to the Ancient Egyptian Eye of Horus, it was used by the ancient Egyptians in crafting jewelry pieces in the shape of it. Glorifying the superiority of the Eye, the jewelry pieces were adorned with the original and fully natural precious stones of Turquoise, Lapis, and others. It was a very precious piece of jewelry for both living people and dead ones. Until today, there are different jewelry pieces are engraved into the symbol of the Ancient Egyptian eye of Horus with the adorning of precious stones. People are very keen on getting theirs as a way of protection against any evil.

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