Why Should I Buy Kilim

Why Should I Buy Kilim

Kilims have been there for centuries and it seems like they have no plan on going out of style any soon. Designers love kilims and always advise homeowners to have one to accent their house and suit their design believing it is the perfect addition to any room. They are also perfect for outdoor areas. They have many other perks practical and decorative wise we are going to start with the practical point of view.

Practical Reasons to Consider Kilim Rugs


Kilims are durable and versatile because they are made from natural materials like wool, even when modernized the materials used were kept natural. The substituting materials to wool were cotton and animal hair either camel’s or goat’s.

Easy to Handle and Clean

Cleaning your kilim should be done by using soap or a soft detergent mixed with water. Wiping the kilim down with a damp cloth using the same solution. They shouldn’t be soaked in water or cleaned with harsh chemicals in order to preserve their colors.

Cost and Availability
Kilim rugs are cheaper than oriental rugs. Kilims are handmade and can be ordered specifically. It takes around 20 days to produce a specially requested kilim with its beautiful geometrical patterns and vibrant colors.

Decorative Reasons to Consider Kilim Rugs.

Layering Friendly

Designers advise with kilim when you want to layer your rugs as the calm colors do not grab attention from centerpieces when chosen wisely instead the subtle geometrical patterns accentuate the centerpieces and the room bringing a feeling of warmth to the environment.

Flexible to Styles
The beauty of kilim lies in its geometrical and motifs diversity, its colors range from bright and bold to sophisticated and reserved to match all the tastes and compliments all the styles.

Variant Textures

Different textures bring an element of interest to the room. In addition to being a nice change of pace from the knotted pile of rugs

Transitional Style

Kilims have that magic of complementing simple transitional furnishing or accentuating the beauty of bold furnishing. Adding that simplistic yet decoratively efficient look to any room.


The uniqueness of kilim comes from being handmade on traditional handlooms, making each woven piece unique on its own, as it can never be duplicated. The motifs represent a unique artistic expression of a historic era.