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Story About Egyptian Artwork

Our unique artwork showcases the beauty and rich heritage of Egypt through creative artistic expression. Each one of our mixed media artwork is printed on high-quality canvas, perfect for home decor!

Each piece puts an artistic twist on classic images from Egyptian antiquity. Some pieces interweave elements of Egyptian folklore with ancient Egyptian themes to highlight the rich tapestry of Egyptian history and culture. Our talented artists create creative and awe-inspiring pieces that cannot be found elsewhere. The use of vibrant colors, sacred motifs and beautiful traditional patterns make these artworks perfect for lovers of Egyptian history, culture heritage.

For lovers of ancient Egyptian history, we have a wide array of historical art work, full of intricate detail and made with careful attention to historical accuracy. Our artists are passionate about creating pieces that truly encapsulate the beauty and grandeur of ancient Egypt’s glorious history. One of the artists’ primary focus was presenting the ancient Egyptian gods with a modern twist while still maintaining their traditional identity. This is done by incorporating new artistic elements to classic iconic images found in ancient Egyptian murals and reliefs.

One great example of this is the Goddess Bastet print. It is a modern mixed media print of the Ancient Egyptian Goddess in her traditional cat form, fulfilling her role as the goddess of protection. This artwork is adorned with a variety of ancient Egyptian traditional motifs and symbols. This bold modern artwork of the ancient Egyptian Goddess Bastet incorporates traditional pharaonic themes, symbols, and motifs to magnify the magnificence and significance of Bastet.

Here we see Bastet in her traditional cat form, with the eye of Ra. This is because she was one of the goddesses who was known as the "eye of Ra" or the "eye of Atum," the sun. She symbolized Ra's feminine counterpart and was sent out to take vengeance on his enemies. The "eye of Ra" was both a part of Ra and a separate being from him. She had life-giving, protective, and also destructive capacities.

Bastet is the goddess of protection. She was also the goddess of domesticity, women's secrets, cats, fertility, and childbirth. She protected the home from evil spirits and disease, especially diseases associated with women and children.

Another beautiful piece is that of the Goddess Hathor. This piece is decorated with gorgeous vivid pops of colors, in contrast to how Hathor was typically depicted in paintings. This warm and vibrant modern artistic expression uses beautiful vivid flowers to highlight her role as goddess of women, fertility, love and sky. Her stoic yet warm and endearing expression is copied from a traditional relief found from ancient Egypt. Our talented artist wanted to put a modern twist on this classic symbol by adding splashes of beautiful colors.

Another example of this interweaving of modern and traditional elements is the beautiful print of the goddess Nut in her traditional canopy form. In the background is a collage of feathered wings and geometrical shapes. It incorporates the different hues of the sky to highlight her role as goddess of sky.

This colorful print captures her enigmatic beauty. Her body makes a protective layer over the Earth. Here she is depicted as a star-covered woman creating a canopy over the world, as would typically be found in ancient Egyptian art.


This portrait highlights her femininity and strength with beautiful vivid, bold colors and traditional motifs and symbols from ancient Egyptian mythology. The artist used a variety of different textures and colors to give this print its unique, whimsical look.

The sky goddess Nut fills her cosmic role as mother of the stars and the sun, giving birth to the sun daily. Her mythological significance as Mother Goddess may be reflected in the important role taken by women in the life of ancient Egypt.

Aside from purely ancient Egyptian themes, our artists also focus on showcasing the simplicity and whimsy of traditional Egyptian folklore. The print of the Egyptian Folkloric Depiction of Hamsa or the Hand of Fatima delicately weaves symbols from the pharaonic and modern oriental eras of Egypt.

This print of Hamsa encompasses the essence of Egyptian heritage by cleverly incorporating various elements of traditional folklore dating back thousands of years.

The Tree of Life can be found at the top. In the middle, there is a lovely mix of the Hand of Fatima, classic Islamic art represented by the Crescent Moon, and a Coptic cross with an eye watching (the evil eye used for protection from evil).

 It is adorned with a plethora of motifs and symbols such as the pharaonic star found in ancient Egyptian art and the name of Egypt in Arabic in the center of the tree. It is embroidered with ankh or the key of life, an ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic motif symbolizing eternal life.

This print combines elements from Ancient Egyptian mythology and heritage as well as important Islamic and Coptic symbols to exhibit the unity and harmony of Egypt throughout its long history. It also demonstrates how many of the ancient Egyptian symbols are still prominent in modern Egyptian culture.

Another example of the incorporation of folkloric elements with ancient symbols is the Egyptian Folkloric Print. It is full of beautiful detail and harmonious colors, patterns and symbols. This rich tapestry features Hamsa (Hand of Fatima), Eye of Horus, Pharaonic Star, Key of Life and other symbolic motifs that would often be found in ancient and modern Egyptian art. This print is designed by our talented artists, using traditional royal colors of blue and red, highlighting the beauty and whimsy of our country.

These prints are the product of the cleverness and ingenuity of our talented artists who are passionate about creating art that showcases the rich and complex history and heritage of Egypt. These artistic expressions of iconic Egyptian figures, symbols and stories are perfect for decorating your home, especially if you are a lover of Egyptian history and heritage. Each one of these prints is made with great attention to detail. Add some harmony and warmth to any space with these unique works of art!