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Hand-Carved Basalt Horus with Falcon Head Statue (8 H, 2 W, 6 L inches)

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Basalt Horus Falcon Handmade Statue (10 x 2 x 3 inches)

Hand-Carved Basalt Horus with Falcon Head Statue (8 H, 2 W, 6 L inches)

  • Order now your very own Horus Falcon statue today, adorned with a dizzying array of fine detail, meticulously hand-carved and painted just for you!
  • This Horus figurine is hand-carved out of premium basalt stone and painted with a glossy paint or a lustrous finish.  
  • The fine line work and precise carving is all hand-done by talented Egyptian artisans, accurately capturing how Horus was often portrayed in ancient Egyptian murals and reliefs.
  • Unique collectable antique, perfect for lovers of ancient Egyptian history and mythology. Perfect for alters or as a one of a kind decor statement piece!
  • Decorate your home or alter with the mighty spirit of one of the most significant and revered gods of ancient Egypt.
  • Dimensions: approximately 21 x 6 x 15 cm (8 H, 2 W, 6 L inches)
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The ancient Egyptians adorned their homes as well as their tombs, holy burial places and alters with similar statues, paying homage to the great god Horus.

The falcon had been worshipped from earliest times as a cosmic deity whose body represents the heavens and whose eyes represent the sun and the moon, fitting for Horus, a creator god and god of the sky. Here the falcon is wearing the double crown of Egypt, a royal crown that symbolizes the union of Lower and Upper Egypt, and emphasize Horus' role as the legitimate ruler of the entire kingdom.

Horus is the ancient Egyptian god of protection and power. Horus is depicted as a creator god and benevolent protector. He was thought to be the divine son of Isis and Osiris. Horus lost his left Eye in the war against Seth who murdered his father. Since then this eye has become an important sign of protection.

Horus is among the most famous and important gods worshipped in ancient Egypt. Horus’ name itself means "the falcon who soars above all the other inhabitants of the land" and he was also a frequent symbol of any ancient Egyptian king. He was also considered the mighty god of kingship and the sky.

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