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Renenutet Cobra Goddess Statue Handmade of Black Basalt Stone (7 H, 5 W, 3 L inches)

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Seated Scribe Hand-Carved from Basalt Stone by Small Egyptian Families in Luxor (6 H, 4 W, 3 L inches)

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Electric Blue Ancient Egyptian Scarab Beetle Sculpture (8 x 6 x 7 inches)

Renenutet Cobra Goddess Statue Handmade of Black Basalt Stone (7 H, 5 W, 3 L inches)

  • Order now this stunning ancient Egyptian Cobra statue. It is embellished with a sacred scarab beetle for protection.
  • Decorate your home with this epic statue of ancient Egyptian goddess, Renenutet in her traditional Cobra form. She was the protector of the king, and later would be worshipped for her role in protecting the harvest.
  • The fine line decorative work and precise carving is all done by talented small Egyptian families, accurately capturing how Renenutet was depicted in Pharaonic murals and reliefs.
  • Own a unique piece of art that not only serves as an epic decor piece but also showcases the underappreciated talent of Egyptian craftsmanship in Luxor.
  • Rare collectable antique, perfect for lovers of ancient Egyptian mythology. Perfect for alters or as unique decor statement piece!
  • Dimensions: approximately 7 H, 5 W, 3 L inches (18 H, 13 W, 8 L cm)
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The ancient Egyptians decorated their homes, temples, tombs, alters and farmhouses with similar statues, paying homage to Goddess Renenutet.

Renenutet’s role changed drastically over time. At first, she was responsible for guarding the king and later, the harvest. She was portrayed as a raised cobra with the sun disk and horns. Sometimes she was depicted as a woman with a snake's head.

The ancient Egyptian believed that by appealing to the snake, the snake would use its powers to benefit the people and the farmers’ harvest.

During the Old Kingdom, Renenutet was the guardian of the king on earth and in the afterlife.. She spit fire on his enemies from her perch on his brow. As time passed, Renenutet assumed the role of guarding the harvest. Farmers revered her, and shrines to her were placed in granaries.

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