The Beauty that is Egyptian Cotton

The Beauty that is Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton is one sub-species of cotton that is found in abundance along with the exotic fields on the bank of the river Nile. The soil of these fields is especially suited to cotton and therefore this cotton plant flourishes here, it is considered among textile manufacturers, fashion houses, and cloth lovers to be the best type of cotton due to the unique traits that make it special. Its length, softness, and strength are unrivaled by other cotton species and therefore it is a very rare and wanted commodity among textile houses. This article would give exposure to this fashion product and detail what makes it special.

How Egyptian cotton is Planted

As earlier mentioned the quality and durability of Egyptian cotton is simply unrivaled, it is just the best type of cotton in the world and although it made its name being associated with Egypt it is now found and grown all over the world but Egypt still ranks as one of the leading producers of cotton in the world and is making a comeback to dominate the industry od cotton production.

Particularly grown along the Nile delta it takes about six to eight months to mature and flourish. The unique climatic condition in this country makes it perfect for this plant. Also, the unique alluvial soil conditions of the river Nile delta suits cotton perfectly.

How it is Turned to Fabric

Egyptian cotton gained its fame due it its unique quality, it's soft, silky, and blessed with a unique length that cannot be found in other cotton sub-species. The process of turning this cotton into fabric is a delicate one, to ensure its quality it is mostly hand-picked and the cottonseed is separated from the boll.

Afterward, any dirt is removed from the cotton to ensure its quality is preserved. Then the cotton goes through two specific processes, the raw cotton is worked on and turned into compact long cotton strands, and then spun to create cotton yarn. Afterward, the cotton yarns are worked on and woven into fabric. From here many additions and improvements can be done depending on the type of clothing the cotton is destined for.

What are the Main Products Made From Egyptian Cotton?

This cotton has the highest qualities imaginable, it's soft, silky, and durable but due to its rare and unique properties, it is mostly used to make beddings and towels. Some fashion houses and tailors used them to make shirts and personal clothing to give their materials a silkier, softer feeling but this is rare for different reasons. It is expensive and largely hoarded to make duvets, bed sheets, pillowcases, and other bedding materials. This would ensure a softer silkier feeling on your beds, help people with insomnia and anxiety disorders find rest and sleep, and create a perfect ambiance all around your bedrooms. People also use them to make towels since they are soft, durable, silky, and absorbent.

The Export of Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton serves as one of the major agricultural exports of Egypt, although now it is grown elsewhere other than Egypt, the quality of the original Egyptian cotton is undeniable. This cotton’s production has reduced over the years from having millions of hectares cultivated for it in Egypt in the 1980s, this has reduced now to a few hundred thousand hectares in 2018, although it is now trying to make a comeback and more prominence and a national spotlight is being given to it. The government is giving support and funding to cotton farmers but a lot would have to be done to take it to its former glory.

But still, due to the improved funding and increase in the lands available for cotton cultivation, about $471 million was made from the export of cotton in 2019 and there is also a surge in the number of acres available for cotton production. More importantly more technical and machinery support is being made available to increase the amount of ginned cotton in this country and cotton export as of 2019 was at a five-year high. The western world serves as its major buyers and most of the cotton produced in this country was being exported to textile houses in the western world.

What Makes Egyptian Cotton so Famous in Foreign Countries

The fame of Egyptian cotton has stood for decades and this is a testament to its unique quality, it is one of several species of cotton but when undiluted and unmixed with other cotton species its quality is undeniable, its soft, silky, long, and durable, and different from other cotton types. The Nile delta soil and the prevailing climatic conditions are also perfect for it. Egyptian cotton is used for making beddings and specific clothing and since it is of the highest possible quality, it is in high demand. Simply put its unique quality, durability and length makes it famous and in high demand by western textile houses and fashion designers. The higher the thread length count the higher the quality and the more expensive it gets.

It should be noted that regardless of its unique quality and best features, Egyptian cotton deserves the best care to retain the silky nature that makes it famous. Now clothing, beddings, and personal effects made out of Egyptian cotton should not be washed with cloth softener, so as not to ruin it, also special care should be given to its wash, rewash, and management and with special care, the best of results can be achieved. Egyptian cotton has been cultivated for years and its quality is undeniable, for fashion houses and textile lovers choosing this product would be one of the best decisions you can make, so you should take that leap, learn about what makes it unique and special and pick it for your beddings and clothing and you would not regret it. From the beautiful region of the river Nile, God has given earth one of its best gifts, the EGYPTIAN COTTON.

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