Best Souvenirs to Get From Egypt

Best Souvenirs to Get From Egypt

Egypt is a beautiful country filled with numerous wonders from the beauty all around the river Nile, to the ancient pyramids which stand as one of the greatest wonders of the world, to the great sphinx and so much more. There are archaeological ruins too that detail different periods in Egypt history, there are also beautiful markets, squares, architectural masterpieces, religious monuments, and many more that would ensure your visit here is worth it.

Every corner in every big city in Egypt is worth exploring and for visitors to this beautiful country it is only proper before you go back home, you get souvenirs as a memoir of your time here, not only for yourself but for friends, acquaintances, and family back home. This article would help you to make the best choices regarding souvenirs and tell you the best products to buy to serve as a memoir of your time in this beautiful city.

What are the Best Souvenirs to Get From Egypt?

Egypt is a beautiful country filled with bubbly cities, these cities offer a unique mix of traditional and modern Arabian lifestyles and attractions and are also blessed with many large and bubbly markets filled with diners and stalls where you can get the best souvenirs to take back home. In these markets some of the souvenirs to get include perfumes: Egypt is a cultural country and its climate is perfect for the planting and cultivation of essential oils and it has numerous perfumes and essential oils that are in high demand all over the world. in these markets, you can get good and original essential oils, rare fragrances and so much more.

There is also the very rare and high-quality Egyptian cotton, which is simply the best cotton in the world. then there are spices for food lovers such as cinnamon, thyme, and co and they are always of better quality than you would find back home. There are also artworks and carpets and rugs, although they are not of the same quality as those found in some countries such as turkey or morocco, they are beautiful and would surely catch the fancy of all and sundry.

Replicas and Antiquities

Egypt is a beautiful and big city of ancient antiquities. This beautiful country has been home to numerous civilizations and these civilizations had a different way of life, art, and cultural works and some of these artworks exist today, they are antiquities and for a fee, you can purchase them to serve as memorabilia of your time here. From ancient sculptures to figures there is always something you can purchase if they prove too expensive, it is advisable you purchase replicas that can be found in some of the largest markets in popular cities of Egypt. Here in these markets, you can find these replicas and you can find high-quality artworks by native artisans.

Many tourists who visit Egypt do so due to the added attraction the pyramids and relics of the ancient civilizations in these lands provide. For people like this, wonderful memorabilia would be ancient Pharaonic memoirs. From miniature pyramids, paintings and clay models of powerful kings of antiquity these beautiful art products would serve as perfect gifts back home for lovers of antiquity.

Pieces of Jewelry

The country of Egypt has a unique mix of artisans and craftsmen and there are many kinds of jewelry made from gold, silver, or copper around for lovers of beauty to purchase. In ancient Egypt everyone wore adornment, the rich wore silver, gold, and semi-precious stones, while for the poor they were made from less costly materials. This jewelry had religious symbolism and served different purposes for the ancient Egyptians.

Although it is no longer an everyday practice in Egypt to be covered in adornments nowadays, there are still many craftsmen who are especially skilled in producing beautiful adornments of the highest qualities. From necklaces to rings and so much more. This jewelry would always serve as a wonderful memoir of your time in this beautiful country. There are also metal products made from copper, brass, and less precious metals available, these metal products include candlesticks, coffee sets, and kitchen utensils, they are beautiful, made by craftsmen with the highest possible care and attention to detail. They would serve as the perfect gift to loved ones and acquaintances. You can also purchase gold, silver, and other precious metals to take back home.


Last but not least is one of Egypt's most popular exports of papyrus, almost symbolic of the country, this parchment is used for many diverse art creations. Essentially dried papyrus leaf, this plant was found in abundance in times past in the Nile valley and was used in ancient times for writing, paintings and as parchment, if coddled together too you could use it to make materials like rope and so much more.

Nowadays it is one of the most popular memoirs you can take back from your visit to Egypt and local skilled craftsmen adorn them with numerous paintings and so much more. Some specific stalls and institutes make hand-painted papyrus rolls which can be found all around major cities in Egypt and they would provide for you, quality papyrus paintings, and drawing to serve as the perfect souvenir of your time in this beautiful country.

Local Craftwork

From embroidered dresses to leather works to inlay works and costumes, here in Egypt, you can find local craftwork that you would adore and you would just know you should take it back home with you.

These dressed are made by local tailors and a popular one is the Egyptian galabeya and for women, their dresses made in these styles are usually well decorated and beautiful to look at.

The leatherwork in this country is very good also, here you can find beautiful bags and sandals to take back home. One of the most popular local art products that can be found in this country is inlay work. These are wooden boxes that are specially adorned with silver, ivory, or pearl and would serve as the perfect souvenir to take back home.

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