Statue of Bes

100% Egyptian Handmade Statue of Bes God

Hathor Statue

Magnificent Goddess Hathor Wooden Statue Replica (12 x 9.5 x 3 inches)

Anubis Stone Statue

100% Egyptian Handmade Anubis Stone Statue

100% Egyptian Handmade Statue of Bes God

  • Adorable Stone Statue of God Bes, who used to drive away evil spirits. He is also associated with dancing, humour, and music.
  • God Bes was one of the most popular gods in Ancient Egypt, although there were no temples dedicated to him. 
  • He was a dwarf god, patron of childbirth and particularly protective of children and women.
  • Amazing replica for decoration and to bring good vibrations to your home.
  • Handcrafted by Egyptian artisans.
  • Dimensions: 32cm X 12cm X 11cm ".
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The mythological figure Bes is an Ancient Egypt dwarf God that although not worshipped in temples was extremely popular amongst people because he was the protector of childbirth, children, and women. He was associated with music, humour, and dancing and would not allow evil spirits to get closer to his protégées. This replica is a joyful piece of decoration that will look lovely at your home by a bedside table or positioned on a bookshelf, for example.
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