Hatshepsut Statue  Hand carved depicting all the details of the queen

Ancient Queen Hatshepsut Statue made in Alabaster

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Ancient Queen Hatshepsut Statue made in Alabaster

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  • Queen Hatshepsut, one of the few female rulers of Egypt, reigned for over two decades. 
  • Most of her statues were destroyed or depredated. 
  • Despite the attempt to erase her from history, her identity was rediscovered in the XVIII century. 
  • Hatshepsut is considered one of the most notorious women in Ancient Egypt.
  • Queen Hatshepsut, the powerful queen who ordered her mortuary temple to be like no other in the Luxor Valley. 
  • The Hatshepsut Temple is the highest in importance and design.
  • Statue of Hatshepsut represented as a woman (ex.: breast and thin waste), in contrast to the usual representation of her as a man.
  • Hatshepsut Statue is Made of fine Egyptian Alabaster, a material used in the antiquity for canopic jars, perfume bottles, and even Royal Sarcophagus.
  • Hieroglyphic inscriptions on the back - Replica made from original statue at the museum.
  • Alabaster passed through yellowing process to look exactly as the original statue.
  • Handmade sculpture by specialized Egyptian craftsmen - Dimensions: 47cm X 15 cm X 21 cm "
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Ancient Queen Hatshepsut Statue made in Alabaster
"Queen Hatshepsut was one of the most powerful women in Egypt. Making a bold movements, she placed herself as a true pharaoh and secured her position for more than 20 years. Her reign was marked by prosperity and wealth, and Hatshepsut ordered bold monuments to be erected, such as her mortuary temple of unique design and the biggest obelisk in Egypt at Karnak Temple. This statue is a rare demonstration of all Hatshepsut's femininity, something unusual as she preferred to be represented as male, except for a thinner waist representation. Alabaster was a fine material in Ancient Egypt used for storing the vital organs of pharaohs and royal members before mummification. This material still is highly stemmed in the Middle East, known as Oriental Alabaster. To produce a handmade alabaster sculpture copied from an original Ancient Egypt statue, the Alabaster passed through yellowing process and counted with the work of specialized Egyptian craftsmen. The result is a precious piece of art. "
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