Vintage Alabaster Vases

Egyptian Designed Marble Alabaster Vases 100% Handmade

limestone vases Of Egyptian Icon

Handmade Limestone Vase

White Round Vase in a marble surface

White Round Vase Handmade of Master Quality Alabaster Stones

Egyptian Designed Marble Alabaster Vases 100% Handmade

  • Pharaonic inspired Egyptian alabaster vase with final wax polish.
  • Alabaster was widely used in Ancient Egypt for decoration and mummification purposes.
  • Egyptian Alabaster, also known as Travertine, was one of the most desired types of rock from the predynastic period until the end of Muhammad Ali dynasty in modern days. 
  • Have your own Egyptian inspired vase.
  • Give your home a special touch of class and a differentiate piece of art.
  • Specially carved by Egyptian hands 
  • Dimensions 70cm X 20cm ".
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Marble Alabaster Vases-ALI
Once only available in royal palaces or pharaonic temples, it is your turn to have a beautiful Egyptian alabaster vase. Alabaster was one of the most important, used and desired type of rock in Egypt throughout the centuries and it adds a vintage and special touch to any place. Enjoy this handmade decoration item produced by Egyptian craftsmen.
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