Carnelian Alabaster Fruits Bowl, Carnelian Bowl

Vintage Carnelian Alabaster Bowl made in Egypt

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Vintage Carnelian Alabaster Bowl made in Egypt

  • Vintage Carnelian Bowl is hand-made with carnelian alabaster material, by Egyptian small families in Upper Egypt.
  • Beautiful Marble surface that is totally smooth.
  • Free of any chemical substances, totally safe to keep food in it without any worry.
  • Small sized bowl for soup or sauces to add a beautiful royal touch to your table.
  • Approximate measurements of the plate are 11 H, 5 L Cm.
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Vintage Carnelian bowl is hand-made with natural carnelian alabaster. It is made by Egyptian talented and creative small families in Upper Egypt, as we tend to support the small families to produce such unique pieces.  The plate is of small size around 12 H, 5 L Cm. it is to be used for serving soup or sauces. The beautiful marble surface of the plate gives it kind of luxury. These kinds of plates were so popular in ancient Egypt for daily use. Own your plate now to add a vintage marvelous look to your food table now.

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