Gold precious stones inlaid bracelet Pharaonic symbols designed, Gold Bangle

Pharaonic Inspired Gold bangle bracelet, hand-inlaid with precious gemstones

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Gold Scarab Bracelet, handmade of 18K gold with Turquoise Stone

Ancient Egyptian Bracelets | Gold Bracelet Cuff

Winged Isis Cuff, handmade with Charming Design, 18K Gold

Pharaonic Inspired Gold bangle bracelet, hand-inlaid with precious gemstones

  •  Masterpiece Pharaonic inspired gold bangle is hand-made of 18K Gold with Hand-inlaying of Precious Gemstones.
  •  Own a piece hand-carved in ancient Egyptian, most significant Motifs of Winged Cobra, Horus Wedjat Eye, and Lotus Flower.
  •  Feel Unique wearing such a charming piece of Jewelry that adds instant royal beauty to your dress.
  • Easy-open Cuff with the sophisticated design is customized for you according to your own size.
  • Approximate weight of the Cuff is 65 Gm
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Masterpiece inspired Pharaonic gold bangle is handmade of 18K gold by native Egyptian Hands located at the heart of Cairo. Such a charming bracelet is inlaid with Precious Gemstones of Coral, Lapis, Emerald, and Quartz stones. The bracelet is curved in ancient Egyptian Pharaonic motifs of Winged Cobra, Horus Wadjet Eye, and Lotus Flower. Winged Cobra is the symbol of wisdom and protection against Evil souls. Horus Eye is the eye that Horus lost while his war against Seth, taking revenge for his murdered father. His Eye became the symbol of Protection, power, and Bravery. Alongside with Lotus Flower which became a representation of Love, happiness, and intimacy. It was introduced to the beloveds in ancient Egyptian myth to admit the love to each other. 

Make sure that you will own a unique piece that will add instant beauty to your outfit and lead you to feel special among any crowd.

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