Handmade 18K Gold Eye of Horus Cuff Inlaid with semi-precious stones, Horus Eye Cuff Gold

Luxurious Wadjet eye of Horus with key of life Cuff Gold , in-laid with precious gemstones

Horus Eye hand-cuff handmade of 18K Gold and inlaid with semi-precious stones, Eye of Horus Bangle, Eye of Horus Jewelry

Wadjet Eye of Horus Jewelry Bangle with Lotus flowers on the sides with Hand-inlaid semi- real Gemstones Gold cuff is hand-crafted

Handmade 18K Gold turquoise inlaid bracelet, gold scarab bracelet

Gold Scarab Bracelet, handmade of 18K gold with Turquoise Stone

Luxurious Wadjet eye of Horus with key of life Cuff Gold , in-laid with precious gemstones

  • Wadjet eye of Horus cuff gold is made of master quality gold material is totally safe to your skin.
  • Hand-crafted by our professional Egyptian craftsmen at the heart of Cairo.
  • Hand-inlaid with semi-real gemstones of lips, coral, and Turquoise.
  • Protective symbol of God Horus Wadjet eye and Ankh (Key of life) on the sides of the bracelet which meant to symbolize wisdom and peace.
  • Fashionable and royal cuff combines the modern design and the royal ancient symbolism.
  • A perfect gift to your beloved or your friend.
  • Customize your own size through emailing us or leave us a comment below.
  • Approximate weight of the bracelet is 15 Gm.
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Protective Wedjat eye of Horus cuff gold is hand-crafted with 18K Gold material by our talented and professional craftsmen settled at the heart of the Cairo. The bracelet is professionally curved and crafted and then it is hand-inlaid with Semi-real gemstone of Coral, Turquoise, and Lips stones for better value and royalty. On the side of the bracelet is a curved Ankh (key of life) adding a beautiful classy touch to the bracelet. Fashionable bracelet with a royal historical touch of ancient Egyptian symbols with trendy and modern design. A special gift is to your dearest ones, your mom, your friend or your beloved. The trendy design of the bracelet makes it goes with an everyday outfit or an important event. The size of the bracelet is customized according to your hand size.

Historical glimpse of Horus eye- The eye of Horus symbolizes protection. According to the Egyptian myths state that Horus lost his left eye in his war with Seth to avenge the death of his father. That is the reason why his eye became a powerful symbol of protection and truth.

About the Ankh, The Ankh represented eternal life. It signified wisdom and insight on the highest level and it was a fertility symbol. From a spiritual point of view, the ankh represented the key to all hidden knowledge. The loop symbolized the eternal soul, as it has no beginning or end. It was a favorite symbolism used in almost every portrait of the ancient Egyptians. All Goddesses and Gods held it in all scenes. It was a portrait for health and strength to the Goddess and Gods. It was made by all kinds of handcraft materials such as wood, bronze or gold. It was also a piece of decoration in the wealthy families’ houses. As well as, the jewelry contained the Ankh.

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