Ancient Egyptian Bracelets | Gold Bracelet Cuff

Winged Isis Cuff, handmade with Charming Design, 18K Gold

18K Gold handmade cuff of Horus Eye adorned with the wisdom Key of Life, Egyptian Eye Bracelet

Egyptian Eye Bracelet, Wedjat Eye of Horus Handmade of 18K Gold and adorned with The Wisdom Key of Life

Winged Isis Cuff, handmade with Charming Design, 18K Gold

  • Online Ancient Egyptian bracelets, inspired in the figure of Goddess Isis Cuff is Hand-carved by talented and native Egyptian Craftsmen of 18K Gold.
  • The powerful Goddess Isis designed Cuff with her wings speared to show protection and caring with sophisticated ornaments of The Lovely Lotus Flower.
  • Easy Opening Cuff, you can customize the size according to your size through our customization option.
  • Own now a gold bracelet cuff and Feel the beauty and royalty of ancient Egyptian Civilization with its charming motifs.
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Pharaonic Designed gold bracelet cuff is hand-made by talented and creative craftsmen located at the heart of Cairo. It is made of 18K Gold with shiny pure surface and creative ornaments of Ancient Egyptian motifs. It depicts Goddess Isis with spreading wings in a sense of Protection against any evil or bad omen. Goddess Isis in the history of ancient Egypt is the goddess of marriage, fertility, motherhood, magic, and medicine, was a popular Egyptian deity considered as the mother of all Egyptian pharaohs. Lotus flower ornaments are added for better royal and beautiful design. It is a symbol of love, intimacy, and happiness. Lotus flowers were the offering introduced by Kings to show love to the loyal queen. Own now a designed ancient Egyptian bracelet curved in the figure of Goddess Isis to protect you from any bad omens. 

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