18k Gold Winged Goddess Isis Hand-Cuff Adorned with semi-precious Stones, Winged Isis Cuff

Winged Isis Cuff, Handmade of 18K Gold and Adorned with Semi-Precious Stones

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Winged Isis Cuff, Handmade of 18K Gold and Adorned with Semi-Precious Stones

  • Winged Isis cuff is made of 18K Gold that is totally safe to your skin.
  • Hand-crafted by our talented and creative designers accurately for a masterpiece of accessory.
  • Hand-inlaid with Precious Gemstones of Turquoise, Lips, and Coral.
  • Fashionable cuff made in a trendy and modern design adding the beauty of history through the figure of winged Isis.
  • The perfect gift to your friend, your mom or your beloved.
  • Easy opening cuff, user-friendly.
  • The historical iconic figure of Goddess Isis, she was the Goddess fertility and magic. She was also a symbol of motherhood and rebirth.
  • Customize your own cuff size.
  • Approximate weight of the cuff is 17 GM.
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Winged Isis Cuff is made of Pure and shiny 18K Gold of master quality material that is totally safe to your skin. The necklace is hand-crafted by our talented and creative craftsmen in the heart of Cairo. After designing the cuff on a rough paper the craftsmen start cutting the gold carefully into the designed shape. After the shape is cut, trimming is applied for equal edges and smooth surface. Our craftsmen curved small and accurate ornaments for a better and more realistic look. The bracelet is hand-inlaid with Precious gemstones of Turquoise, Coral and Lips. The cuff combines between the modern and trendy design with royal iconic historical figure of Goddess Isis while spreading her wings. A master piece of accessory fits with either everyday life outfit or a simple dress for evening event. Approximate weight of the cuff is 17 Gm. Customize your own cuff size now.

Isis while spearing her wings in a protection sense in the Tomb of Pharaoh Seti I in the Valley of the Kings. Isis is Goddess of motherhood, magic, fertility, and rebirth. She was regarded as the “Eye of Ra” and was worshipped as the "Great of Magic". She had a great love for her husband and brother Osiris, whom she brought back from the dead. By a skillful magician, she gave Osiris breath by flapping her wings above him while she transformed into a bird. She also had protected her son Horus from snakes, predators and other dangers; thus, she would protect mortal children as well. The portrait was used in the tomb to spear protection and safety against any bad soul.

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