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Sekhmet The Ancient Egyptian Goddess Statue

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Sekhmet The Ancient Egyptian Goddess Statue

"- Sekhmet is a warrior goddess, one of the oldest Egyptian goddess, and she was the goddess of Healing, of the Sun, War, Destruction, and Plague - Sekhmet protected the pharaohs in war and was known as ""the Scarlet Lady"" - She was depicted as a lioness - Statue painted in blue and handmade by talented Egyptian artisans - Dimensions: 26cm X 7cm X 6cm - Weight: 600gm "
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Beautiful Blue Statue of Goddess Sekhmet, one of the oldest deities of Ancient Egypt. She was mainly the goddess of Healing but also of Destruction and therefore guardian of the pharaohs in wars. This product was proudly handcrafted by Egyptian artisans who are passionate about what they do and help to spread Egyptian culture.
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