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Egyptian God Statue of God Aton

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Egyptian God Statue of God Aton

  • Egyptian God statue of God Aton, the Sun God -
  • Aton was considered the only true God by pharaoh Akhenaton, who tried to establish monotheism. The idea was never accepted by the high classes nor the common citizens, so once Akhenaton died polytheism was re-established by his son Tutankhamun 
  • Aton was praised by Akhenaton as the creator. Even though he does not have a myth he is mentioned in the Book of the Dead 
  • The worship of Aton was banned by Pharaoh Horemheb, the last pharaoh of 18 dynasty 
  • The statue was handcrafted by talented Egyptian artisans specialized in antiquities 
  • Dimensions: 31cm X 18cm X 9cm 
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Remarkable Egyptian God Statue of Aton, the Sun God, who was praised by pharaoh Akhenaton as the only true creator and tried to established a monotheist religion in Egypt. God Aton was rejected by most Egyptians as the only god and when Akhenaton died, the polytheism returned to the country. It is your chance to add a historical piece to your home decor. Product handcrafted in Egypt.
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