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The Egyptian Royal Statue

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Statue of King Amenhotep II

The Egyptian Royal Statue

  • Purchase your Egyptian replica and give your home a special vintage touch with the Egyptian king and Queen Statue- Beautiful Royal couple depicted side by side 
  • The King was a divine representation in Earth but the queen was not less important. Her role gave her the power of creation and rebirth, holding powerful status and influence  
  • It was common kings and their royal queens are depicted together, sometimes with tenderness, as the case of Tutankhamun and Ankhesenamun 
  • Royals could marry whoever they wanted but it was marriage within the bloodline boundaries was common (as a way to secure power and divine stability) 
  • Hieroglyphic inscriptions on the back 
  • 100% handmade Egyptian product 
  • Dimensions: 20cm X 15cm X 9cm
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Give your home a very special touch with the Egyptian king and Queen Statue. It was very common to depicted kings and queens side by side, even though the pharaoh was considered a deity. The queen held a very important position as mother and wife - some were very popular and loved by the people, such as Queen Nefertari. Enjoy this legitimate handmade Egyptian item, a great vintage touch to your home.
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