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Vintage Baboon Basalt Hand-Carved Canopic Jar (11” H, 5.5”)

Front Image, Black Basalte handmade Canopic Jar with the jackal head, jackal canopic jar

Anubis Jackal-Headed Canopic Jar Replica Handmade of Black Basalt Stone, 43 H, 20 W, 22 L Cm

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Divine Four Sons of Horus Basalt Set of 4 Canopic Jars (5 H, 3 W inch)

Vintage Baboon Basalt Hand-Carved Canopic Jar (11” H, 5.5”)

  • This charming Baboon carefully-engraved and premium sculpted canopic jar is made with the finest, most durable basalt stone. It is embellished with ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and motifs that were commonly found on canopic jars from the New Kingdom.
  • Canopic jars were used by the Ancient Egyptians during the mummification process to store and preserve the viscera of their owner for the afterlife. These would then be placed alongside the sarcophagus or coffin in their tomb or burial site. Additionally, they would sometimes also contain the ashes of a favored pet or animal of the deceased.
  • While this item is a general storage object, it is the perfect urn to store and memorialize the ashes of a favorite pet, so they can remain close to you and your family. This jar has a large opening to make it easy to deposit any remains, and can be easily sealed with silicon adhesive gel or a strong glue to make sure it remains safe and sealed. The lid is removable (in keeping with how they were traditionally made in ancient Egypt) and is polished with a thin layer of wax for protection.
  • It is 100% handcrafted by talented Egyptian exquisite craftsmanship in Luxor.
  • Dimensions: 28 H, 14 W cm (11” H, 5.5”)
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Baboons have played many different roles in ancient Egyptian religion and society. There is an image of a baboon representing King Namer, suggesting the transformation of the king into a baboon, as part of a rejuvenation festival.

However, the most important thing about baboons is their divine association with Ra, the great sun god. There are several artistic portrayals of baboons worshiping the sun with arms raised up or holding a solar symbol. Moreover, from the time of the New Kingdom, we see more and more temple statues of baboons appearing. One of the most significant examples is the giant baboon sculptures found in Hermpolis created during the region of Amenhotep III. By the Late and Graeco-Roman Periods, various primates were found buried in the necropolises, suggesting that they continued to grow in significance and importance throughout the centuries.

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