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Black Granite Statue of God Thoth

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King Ramsess II Head Statue Hand-curved From Granite Stone by Talented Egyptians in Upper Egypt

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Black Granite Statue of God Thoth

  • Shop now and choose a genuine decorative item with a vintage touch 
  • God Thoth is an Ancient Egyptian divinity often depicted as an ibis-headed man or a baboon 
  • Thoth was initially the God of the Moon, but later he also became the God of Magic, Writing, and Wisdom 
  • The statue depicts him wearing a headdress of the lunar disk combining the full moon with the crescent moon 
  • Handmade Egyptian product crafted by talented Egyptian artisans 
  • Dimensions: 30cm X 10cm X 16cm
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Amazingly crafted statue of God Thoth. This replica made out of black granite depicts god Thoth in his baboon form. He was a popular and important deity in Ancient Egypt, the god of the Moon, Magic, Wisdom, and Writing. Give home decor an original touch as this product was handcrated by talented Egyptian artisans specialized in antiquities.
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