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Anubis Jar Figure (Urn 5.5 x 4 x 4 inches) Comes with Four Canopic Jars and Anubis Figurine

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Anubis Jar Figure (Urn 5.5 x 4 x 4 inches) Comes with Four Canopic Jars and Anubis Figurine

  • Purchase now this beautifully hand-crafted, high-quality replica of an Anubis Funerary Urn dating back to 3500 years ago.
  • This marvelous funerary urn is adorned with accents of blue, hieroglyphic inscriptions and a sacred scarab beetle.
  • It comes with a jackal-headed Anubis statue God Anubis statue, intended to be placed on top of the urn for protection as the ancient Egyptians would have done.
  • It comes with the four classic canopic jars, where the organs (liver, lungs, stomach, and intestine) were placed before mummification in ancient Egyptian funerary practices.
  • Following in the tradition of ancient Egyptian funeral practices, each of these canopic jars represents the protective deities, the four Sons of Horus – Hapy, Imsety, Duamutef, and Qebehsenuef. Each of them are responsible for guarding the mummified internal organs for the afterlife.
  • Authentic Egyptian handmade product made of alabaster and wax-polished for protection.
  • Dimensions: 5.5 x 4 x 4 inches (14 x 10 x 10 cm)
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These carefully-engraved and premium sculpted funerary urn, canopic jars and Anubis figurine are made with authentic Egyptian alabaster. They are embellished with ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and motifs that were commonly found on canopic jars from the New Kingdom.

Canopic jars were used by the Ancient Egyptians during the mummification process to store and preserve the viscera of their owner for the afterlife. These would then be placed alongside the sarcophagus or coffin in their tomb or burial site. Additionally, they would sometimes also contain the ashes of a favored pet or animal of the deceased.

While this item is a general storage object, it is the perfect urn to store and memorialize the ashes of a favorite pet, so they can remain close to you and your family. This jar has a large opening to make it easy to deposit any remains and can be easily sealed with silicone adhesive gel or strong glue to make sure it remains safe and sealed. The lid is removable (in keeping with how they were traditionally made in ancient Egypt) and is polished with a thin layer of wax for protection.

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