Egyptian God Figurines of Isis Goddess

Goddess Isis Stone Statue

Scarab Statue

Egyptian Blue Scarab Statue

Blue painted scarab handcrafted by talented Egyptian artisans, scarab sculpture 20

Electric Blue Ancient Egyptian Scarab Beetle Sculpture (8 x 6 x 7 inches)

Goddess Isis Stone Statue

  • Purchase now Egyptian God Fugrines stone statue of Goddess Isis, one of the most important and famous divinities in Ancient Egypt.
  • Goddess Isis was the Goddess of Fertility, Motherhood, and of Life. 
  • Her cult spread throughout the Roman-Greek cultures.
  • Vintage piece to beautifully decorate your home and bring good vibrations.
  • Crafted by talented Egyptian artisans in Upper Egypt.
  • Weight: 2Kg.
  • Dimensions: 24cm X 24cm X 8cm "
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Goddess Isis was one of the most worshipped and important deities in Ancient Egypt, so much that her name was spread throughout Greece and the Roman Empire, in Asia, and until today she still is revered by pagans. Isis is the Goddess of Fertility or of Life, and as such her statue will add a special touch to your home decor and bring good vibrations. This statue was carved out of rock by Egyptian artisans specialized in antiquities.
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