Blue painted scarab handcrafted by talented Egyptian artisans, scarab sculpture 20

Blue Scarab Sculpture

Egyptian Canopic Jars For Sale | Horus Canopic Jar | Basalt Antique

Horus-Headed Egyptian canopic Jar for Sale, Hand-curved of Basalt and Finished with Vivid Colors

Egyptian scarab for sale , symbol of Protection and Immortality.

Golden Brown Egyptian Scarab For Sale

Blue Scarab Sculpture

  • Decorate your home with beautifully crafted Ancient Egypt inspired items
  • Scarabs were considered amulets in Ancient Egypt. They are a symbol of immortality, resurrection, transformation, and protection - Scarabs were used in funerary art 
  • Blue painted scarab handcrafted by talented Egyptian artisans
  • A legitimate handmade product from Upper Egypt - Dimensions 20cm x 15cm x 17cm
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Bring joy to your home by giving it a vintage touch with authentic Egyptian products. In antiquity, the Ancient Egyptians had scarabs as amulets. These insects symbolized immortality and protection, for example, and it was common to decorate sarcophagi and tombs with them. This blue scarab was crafted by Egyptian artisans who are passionate about their work and Ancient History.
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