Cow Goddess Hathor

Cow Goddess Hathor as cow Wood Statue

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Cow Goddess Hathor as cow Wood Statue

  • Purchase your own Egyptian Antiquity.
  • Goddess Hathor in her animal form a cow.
  • Hathor is the Solar goddess of Motherhood, Fertility and Love.
  • Hathor was worshipped since at least 2700 BC.
  • Painted in yellow and black.
  • This statue is handmade in wood by Egyptian artisans.
  • Dimensions are 38cm X 24cm X 60cm ".
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"Shop now exclusive Egyptian products, replicas of ancient items from the times of the pharaohs. It is your turn to have a piece of Egypt at home. Goddess Hathor is one of the most important Egyptian goddess. She is the goddess of Fertility and Love. Here she is shown as a cow because this is her animal form. The statue is made of wood and crafted by Egyptian artisans. "
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