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Anubis Statue Handmade of Basalt Stones By talented Egyptian Hands

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Anubis Statue Handmade of Basalt Stones By talented Egyptian Hands

  • A special historical vintage piece of Decoration is to be added to your space.
  • Iconic Ancient Egyptian Anubis Statue is hand-crafted of Basalt Stones. 
  • Brilliant accurate ornaments are hand-carved with passionate and creative designers in Luxor. 
  • Anubis, the jackals-head God, Most ancient God mentioned in Ancient Egyptian Myth. He is known as the God of the underworld, and the protector of the dead. 
  • Buy Anubis Statue and add a vintage touch to your home decoration. 
  • The Statue is 100% handmade it sizes around 27 H, 7 W, 9 L cm (10.5” H, 2.5” W, 3.5” L inch)
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Iconic Ancient Egyptian Anubis Statue, the jackal-headed God, he is well known in ancient Egyptian myth as the God of the underworld and the protector of the dead. He is one of the firstly mentioned figures in ancient Egyptian history as he showed up in most of the ancient Egyptian scenes in tombs and temples. In the well-known Osiris court, Anubis appeared as a court recorder for the events that took place. The statue is a masterpiece of innovation that is fully handmade by our talented and professional craftsmen who do accurate curves and ornaments. It is carved from basalt stones. As we can see the dress and the feathers of God are very accurately curved.
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