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Simple Handmade Wooden Vase Made in Egypt (5 D, 8 H inches)

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Egyptian Handmade Wooden Serving Plate

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Tree Stump Decorative Asersus Plant pot wood/Candle Holder (4 H, 6.3 D inches)

Simple Handmade Wooden Vase Made in Egypt (5 D, 8 H inches)

  • Decorative Wooden Vase is hand-made by talented Egyptian Hands of Asersus wood that is best known for its serve durability and flexibility.
  • The distinctive beauty of a decoration piece that is made with the original tree trunks shapes and color.
  • Feel the nature around you with a vintage wooden vase for flowers or other plants, adding unique beauty to your room or office.
  • Wooden vase approximately measures 13 d, 21 h cm (5 D, 8 H inches)
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Decorative Wooden Vase is handmade with the beauty of nature. It is hand-made of Asersus tree trunks that are known worldwide for their high durability, beautiful shapes and colors, and also the flexibility of it to be transferred into useful products. The vase has the same original features as the tree trunks. It has the same shape and color. Asersus trees are found in some areas of India and Egypt. It is widely cultivated in Upper Egypt, especially in Aswan and Kom Ombo.

This hand-made vase is manually made from A to Z. The trunks undergo a long detailed process in order to be transferred into useful shapes. Firstly, the cut trunks are left between 2-4 years to be completely dry. After that, the trunk outage is trimmed nicely for a smooth surface. Then, the trunks are cut into slices into different thicknesses. Finally, the slices are shaped into different shapes according to the needed shape for the product.

Vintage vase with natural beauty let you feel the surrounding nature. You can use it for cultivating flowers or any other plants that you would like. The wooden vase is large-sized in around 10 H, 16 D cm (5 D, 8 H inches)

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