wooden spice jar

All-Natural Handmade wooden spice jar Set (6 H, 4.0 D inches)

Unique wood serving platter for sale, 100% hand-carved of natural wood! order yours now from Egypt and get it shipped to your home door for Free!

Asersus wood serving platter for Serving Charcuterie, Sushi, Desert, Bread and More (7.5 D, 0.7 H inches)

wooden serving plate

Egyptian Handmade Wooden Serving Plate

All-Natural Handmade wooden spice jar Set (6 H, 4.0 D inches)

  • A Set of Wooden Spice Jars, hand-made of Asersus wood that is known for its high durability and beautiful texture and grain.
  • Beautiful natural texture and grain of the tree trunk with its warm brown accents blends seamlessly with any table decor.
  • Wooden Spice Jars with easy-open lid, you can use it for serving salt, or tea, or whatever you like/
  • Upgrade your kitchen with this stunning, authentic handmade Egyptian product.
  • The jars sizes around 15 H, 10 D cm (6 H, 4.0 D inches)
  • Cleaning and Care - Easy wash with water and soap
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It is never too late to renovate your kitchen with such an upscale set of wooden spice jar. The jars are hand-made by traditional Egyptian artisans in the heart of Cairo. For granting you a piece of natural beauty, they are made of Asersus wood in the original texture and color of the tree trunks. Asersus wood is known for its high durability, strength and beautiful texture and color. It is rare type of tree found in India and Egypt. It is found in Egypt widely in Kom Ombo and Aswan.

The jars size around 15 H, 10 D cm (6 H, 4.0 D inches) for serving sugar, salt, or any kind of spices in a special and traditional way. The warm brown color of the bowl gives it the value of matching with any décor. It will be pair beautifully with other wood-esque home decor styles.

Clean and Care: Before using the bowl wash it well with water and soap and let it air dry. However, for keeping the bowl shiny and smooth, simply rub it with a piece of cotton soaked in lemon juice.

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