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Fantastic Ramesses II Wood Head

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Fantastic Ramesses II Wood Head

  • Iconic King Ramesses II, known as Ramesses the Great, was the most powerful and celebrated pharaoh of the New Kingdom.
  • Ramesses II expanded the Egyptian empire, built many temples, ordered the famous Abu Simbel temples, and surpassed the life expectations in that time, dying at age of 90 years old. 
  • This piece of art is a replica of one of the many relics discovered in ancient Egyptian temples, sites, and palaces.
  • Made by competent and skilled Egyptian artisans specialized in antiquities.
  • Pharaoh portrayed with eyes outlined in blue and wearing the king's crown.
  • Statue's dimensions: 33cm X17cm X 19cm "
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"Shop now and purchase a replica of the great King Ramesses II head made out of wood. Known as the most notable and powerful pharaoh of the New Kingdom, Ramesses II was a bold king who won Egypt many battles and expanded the empire. He lived until he was 90 years old, which made many believe that he was immortal. This is a valuable piece not only because it was crafted by Egyptian artisans who strictly follow the necessary guidance to produce a perfect replica as it is an interesting piece for those who love history and admire this remarkable Egyptian pharaoh. "
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