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Oriental handmade Rug, 100% Natural wool, Nubian Colorful Design

Natural Wool Rug

Daily Life Scenery picture of Mumluk Era Hand-woven Natural Wool Rug.

Modern Designer Rugs

Oriental Hand-made Kiliim of Natural Wool is designed in Nubian Modern designer rugs

Oriental handmade Rug, 100% Natural wool, Nubian Colorful Design

  • Oriental Handmade rug is made with the beauty of the past of 100% natural wool material.
  • Colorful Nubian design with the sophisticated geometrical patterns that reflects the beauty of Aswan Nature.
  • Own a unique piece that adds instant royal touch to your home with the valuable folk design.
  • Perfectly sized in 2X3 Feet.
  • Carpet for Sale Online with door to door shipping.
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Oriental Rug is handmade by our professional native hand-weavers in our workshops located at the heart of Cairo. It is made of pure natural Wool that is extracted from sheep and other animals’ skin. We grant the experience of the softest Kiliim Rug out there because each rug is made following the same method of Oriental rug weaving that appeared centuries ago. Each layer of the rug is hand-woven by mere hands without whatsoever interventions of machines. The rug is designed in the sophisticated Nubian style, reflecting the beauty of Aswan Nature. The edges of the design are made in waves shapes, depicting the Nile River with its pure water. Such a perfectly designed Rug is a piece of inspiration to be added to your home. If you are a fan of folk cultures, then this is the best piece for you. The approximate size of the rug is 2X3 Feet (60X90 cm), without the (fringes).

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