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Daily Life Scenery picture of Mumluk Era Hand-woven Natural Wool Rug.

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Nubian sophisticated colorful Rug for sale designed with floral patterns, hand-woven with Wool master quality material.

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Oriental handmade Rug, 100% Natural wool, Nubian Colorful Design

Daily Life Scenery picture of Mumluk Era Hand-woven Natural Wool Rug.

  • Daily Life scenery picture of Mumluk Period Natural wool Rug is hand-woven by talented Egyptian hands of pure Natural Wool material.
  • Everyday life scene of a Mumluk street; where a Hawker sells Watermelon fruit and one local woman buys the fruit using the traditional Egyptian method (Sabat).
  • Masterpiece of folk historical Egyptian Design is made totally by natural materials. It can be used as either Wall-Portrait or a normal rug.
  • Add real beauty with vintage folk art to your home with such a magnificent piece.
  • The rug approximately measures 3X4 feet.
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Mamluk daily scene picture Natural Wool Rug is hand-woven by talented and clever Egyptian weavers at the heart of Cairo. It is 100% knotted by hands, using natural material of Wool. It is oriented from sheep and other animals’ fur, for perfectly smooth and pure texture. It is accurately made for depicting a detailed daily scene in Mamluk Street. We can see the Hawker sells watermelon fruit using his donkey. As well as there is a local woman is looking through the window buying from the hawker using (Sabat). Let’s talk a little bit about (Sabat); it is an old traditional Egyptian method used in the early days for buying items through balcony or window.  It was like a basket tied with a long rope to drop it down for the Hawkers and buy stuff. Dropping the spot on the architecture at this time, we can see the vantage houses with Mashrabiya; the old kind of window. A super fantastic piece is made inaccurate details for both usages either as wall-portrait or normal rug. It measures approximately 3×4 feet (without the fringes).

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