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Pharaonic Hunting scene, Egyptian cotton Rug, Hand-woven

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Pharaonic Hunting scene, Egyptian cotton Rug, Hand-woven

  • Pharaonic Rug is hand-woven with Egyptian cotton, which is the best of cotton in the world. It is familiar with its softness and pure material.
  • Accuracy at work, a hand-knotted rug with 55 knots per square for a better clear and accurate scene.
  • Traditional beautiful colors of white, red and sky blue, a mixture that adds an elegant touch to your room.
  • Pharaonic scene of two Kings while hunting Fishes, each king is followed by his Wife highlighting the major role women played in leading the kings into successful secession.
  • Super symbolic and cultural Piece of decoration, you can either use it as a rug in your room or even as a portrait hanging on the wall.
  • Perfect sized in 3×4 feet.
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Pharaonic rug is showing two kings while practicing hunting fishes. The scene is decorated with Lotus flowers, goose birds and the unique type of Egyptian fishes. The scene is very symbolic and meaningful. We can see after every King there is his wife, supporting him and helping him. That highlights the major role of women in ancient Egypt as she was an important factor in the Kings’ success. The Rug is a unique and masterpiece of creation as it is made of 100% Egyptian cotton that is featured as the King of cotton. it is familiar for its softness, pure fabric, and strength. It is fully hand-woven by our passionate and talented craftsmen without any interventions of machines. It is a model for accuracy and hard work as it is made by knotting, around 55 knots per square in a full size 3×4 feet. It takes around 2 months duration for a final rug, two weavers work on it at the same time. Each weaver works on a part until it is done. Traditional colors are used for a royal elegant touch to your room.

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