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Lotus Floral Rug for Sale, Hand-made, 100% Egyptian cotton

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Pharaonic Hunting scene, Egyptian cotton Rug, Hand-woven

Lotus Floral Rug for Sale, Hand-made, 100% Egyptian cotton

Floral pattern sophisticated designed Rug is hand-woven with talented and passionate Weavers in super accurate clever way. The Rug is made of 100% Egyptian cotton. Egyptian cotton is worldwide known for its softness, beautiful and everlasting fabric colors and the heavy piles. It is the best cotton material in the World. The rug is made up with 55 knots per square in total size (without the fringes) 3.5x3.5 Feet. It needs work of two weavers at the same time. Each weaver works on a part of the Rug. It takes work of around 3 months to be completed. The rug is woven in historical ancient Egyptian motif of Lotus flowers. Lotus flower in ancient Egyptian myth are very symbolic; they represent love and piece. Lotus flowers were gifted by Kings and Queens to the dearest ones to show love and intimacy. A rug with special natural materials, made by human hands, in historical motifs and beautiful colors is a master piece adding uniqueness to your room.

The rug is from A to Z is hand-woven without any interventions of machines.  Firstly, a foundation is made which is well-known as “Hand-loom”. Against the Hand-loom Vertical Columns are fixed with mainly cotton threads. Those columns are known as “wrap”. Over those wraps the weavers start to make the weft; Weft is the design after being applied on the carpet, by the use of specially dyed threads with natural colors. Per square, the weavers weave around 55 knots in order to give a clear and accurate pattern. Two weavers work together at the same time on the carpet within around 3-month duration in order to complete the designed knot by knot. After the weavers are done the rug is trimmed by scissor to give equal piles for soft feeling on the feet. Then the carpet is washed with cold fresh water and dried by the shadow; this is a very important step for the carpet texture and structure for being super soft. Lastly, final touches are applied as stretching and refinishing the carpet for perfect quality and appearance to the carpet. The long and sophisticated process is the reason why the Hand-knotted rugs are the most expensive and Exclusive in the market.

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  • Floral Rug for Sale is hand-woven with 100% Egyptian cotton “the King of cotton”. It is featured with its softness and strength.
  • Accuracy of Creation, hand-knotted rug is made by 3 weavers at the same time in 55 knots per square.
  • Experience unique royal feeling with a rug decorated in the historical motif of Lotus flower, the symbol of love and peace.
  • Light sea colors giving you tranquility and a good mood with the sky blue and white color.
  • Perfect sized Rug in 3.5×3.5 Feet.
  • Thick heavy piles grantee you forever white color with no worry about getting dirty even in the most traffic areas.
  • Easy wash either dry or with carpets’ shampoo only.
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