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Decorative Basalt Canopic Jars

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Mighty Anubis Alabaster Funerary Urn, Comes with Four Canopic Jars and Anubis Figurine

Decorative Basalt Canopic Jars

  • Beautiful basalt canopic jars decorated with Ancient Egypt drawing style.
  • Canopic jars were used to hold internal organs (liver, lungs, stomach, and intestine) removed before mummification.
  • Each canopic jar has the head of a different god, the four sons of Horus, according to which organ it would hold. 
  • The gods Hapy, Imsety, Duamutef and Qebhsenef (sons of Horus) were responsible for protecting the organs.
  • Removable lid - Carefully painted and polished with a thin layer of wax for protection.
  • Dimensions 23cm X 10cm ".
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Canopic jars are object of a lot of curiosity as a proof of how careful Ancient Egyptians were during the mummification process. The jars were used as containers for fours organs that should be removed before the mummification starts: liver, lungs, stomach, and intestine.
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