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Rustic Handmade Alabaster Vase Handmade in Upper Egypt (10 H, 6 W inch)

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Rustic Handmade Alabaster Vase Handmade in Upper Egypt (10 H, 6 W inch)

  • Order now this elegant decorative Egyptian vase, handcrafted from alabaster with a rustic finish.
  • Adorn your home with authentic Egyptian products handmade of beautiful marbled white alabaster.
  • High durability with an easy to clean interior
  • The vase is handmade by talented and small families in Upper Egypt, where Alabaster has been traditionally used in crafts and art since ancient times.
  • Wow your guests with this unique alabaster vase, made in the tradition of ancient Egyptian craftsmanship.
  • Dimensions: approximately 25 H, 16 H cm (10 H, 6 W inch)
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This vintage decorative vase is handmade of incredible white alabaster, designed with wonderful detail. This stunning vase is 100% handmade by talented and creative small families in Upper Egypt.

By purchasing this item, you are supporting local entrepreneurship and social development in Egypt. These indigenous artisans bring the authenticity of their cultural heritage through their handmade artistic products, which ensures the originality and uniqueness of each item we offer.

Oriental Alabaster is actually calcite which is much harder and more durable than stone, comparable to marble. This material was used extensively by the ancient Egyptians in the walls of temples, lining of tombs, and in vases and funerary vessels.

Alabaster continued to be used in Egyptian architecture well into modern times. Modern Islamic architecture incorporates this oriental alabaster into many of its structures. It is beloved for its marble-like appearance and lustrous finish.

Purchase now this breathtaking alabaster vase, made with great attention to detail and following in the traditions of the ancient Egyptians! It will be a beautiful central decor statement piece or any home or office!

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