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Elegant Egyptian style Alabaster Vase

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Tall Black Basalt Vase Featuring Ancient Egyptian Offering Scene

Elegant Egyptian style Alabaster Vase

  • Purchase now elegant Ancient Egyptian decorative replicas 
  • Elegant Alabaster Vase full of details 
  • The vase is decorated in Egyptian style; two Egyptians, hieroglyphs and the Key of Life are depicted on both sides 
  • The vase interior is decorated with scenes of Ancient Egypt 
  • This good-looking item is a complete decorative piece in itself, one that talks for itself and is easily spotted 
  • 100% handcrafted Egyptian product 
  • Dimensions: 29cm X 26cm X 15cm 
  • Available Alabaster Vase Prices at different rates.
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Give your home not just vintage but an elegant touch with a legitimate decorative item produced in Upper Egypt by talented Egyptian artisans. The vase is very detailed. It depicts hieroglyphs, two Egyptians, and the Key of Life on both sides, and its interior is also decorated. All these details make of this Alabaster Vase a powerful decorative piece that talks for itself. Available Alabaster Vase Prices at different rates.
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