Emerald Scarab Pendant With Chain | Scarab Necklace

Scarab Necklace, Sterling Silver Scarab Necklace handmade and adorned with Emerald Semi-precious stone

Pyramid Necklace handmade of sterling silver, Pyramid Necklace

Pyramid Necklace, One of the seven world wonders, Hand-made of Silver chain pendant and Snake Chain

The Egyptian Key of life Silver Necklace, Ankh chain

Obsidian Silver Ankh chain, handmade, customizable chain necklace according to your need

Scarab Necklace, Sterling Silver Scarab Necklace handmade and adorned with Emerald Semi-precious stone

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  • Charming Scarab Necklace is made of Pure high quality Silver.
  • Hand-crafted by our professional and creative designers in very accurate shape, it is firstly designed on a paper then the silver is graved and trimmed to be smooth and soft.
  • Hand-graved with accurate beautiful ornaments from both sides of the necklace pendant.
  • Hand-inlaid with Emerald precious gemstone.
  • Snake chain, however if you are not in favor of Snake chains, you can choose what suits your taste between our various chains.
  • Luxurious, classy Necklace, adding beauty to your outfit.
  • Customize your own chain by selecting between our different chains. You can as well select the needed length according your taste.
  • Pendant measurement for your reference- 2*1 Cm.
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Scarab Necklace of Sterling Silver master quality is totally hand-crafted with our talented and professional designers. It is made with passion to reflect culture and civilization through the historical symbol of scarab.

The necklace is made step by step by creative hands, starting with creating the design on rough paper, then curving the silver accurately to be all equal shaped, and then the shape is trimmed to be smooth and pure. Then beautiful ornaments are graved on both sides of the pendent. The scarab is hand-inlaid with emerald precious gemstone. Our materials are very safe for your skin; you do not have to think twice about the material because it is all natural and real materials free of any chemical substances.

Historical symbol of Winged Scarab, the scarab in Ancient Egyptian myth were popular amulets which represented Art. Scarabs for ancient historians were the source of information and knowledge. The Scarabs were firstly appeared in The Middle Kingdom (2055-1650 BC), they were used as seals. Scarabs had many purposes and significance through ancient Egyptian history, it was used as a symbol of wealth, and it was also used as fashionable accessory having artistic expression.

Shop now top fashionable luxurious piece of accessory that carries the taste of an authentic history. Sterling silver scarab pendant size is very suitable for any outfit as it is 2×1 Cm. The chain is okay to be customized as your taste as you can choose between our different chain types and also the length of the chain is controllable according to your need, simply email us or leave us a comment below.

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