Customize your Egyptian Cartouch pendant with chain, Egyptian Cartouche Necklace

Personalized Sterling Silver Egyptian Cartouche Necklace with chain

Customizable Egyptian cartouche of sterling silver, Egyptian Cartouch Pendant

Egyptian cartouche Pendant, handmade of sterling silver adorned with Ancient Egyptian Symbols

Egyptian Cartouche Ankh Necklace handmade of Silver, Ankh Necklace

Egyptian Cartouche Ankh silver Jewelry handmade of sterling silver, customize your own name in Hieroglyphics, English or Arabic Letters

Personalized Sterling Silver Egyptian Cartouche Necklace with chain

•  Egyptian Cartouche Egyptian nameplate is made of pure shiny material of master quality.

•  The nameplate is hand-made by talented and creative craftsmen located at the heart of Cairo.

•  Snake chain necklace fashionable and trendy design with the royal and historical value of cartouche.

•  Cartouche is a very royal ancient Egyptian symbol; it was used by Kings and Queens to grave their names on it.

•  Write your name now with ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic letters for beautiful royal touch to your outfit.

•  A fashionable and trendy piece of accessory, a perfect gift to the dearest ones to your heart.

•  Approximate size of the pendant is 4x2 CM.

•  Personalized cartouche with your name letters in Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic letters. Email us or leave us a comment below with your name to make it especially for you.

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Royal Egyptian cartouche Necklace is hand-made by our talented and professional craftsmen located in the heart of Cairo. We use the best qualities of shiny sterling silver that is totally safe to your skin. The cartouche is graved accurately with the smooth and equal edged surface. Silver Cartouche necklace with a snake is of beautiful and trendy design that fits you any outfit starting from your daily outfit to your beautiful evening dress. Personalize your own cartouche now by curving your name or initials with ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic letters.  You can also customize the chain length according to your needs.

Cartouche is a royal and historical icon of a nameplate that was used by Kings and queens to grave their names on it. It showed royalty as a powerful amulet. The usage of cartouche is back to the Second Dynasty of Egypt, but their common usage started under Pharaoh Sneferu during the Fourth Dynasty.

Feel the royalty and live it with our special innovated master quality Cartouche Necklace. Personalized just for you, personalize a cartouche with your name initials, get references to the Egyptian Hieroglyphic letters of your name letters to curved especially for you. The Chain length also depends on your needs. Simply leave us a below comment or email us with your name and the needed chain size to customize it for you.

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