God Osiris statue showing Osiris protecting the pharaoh, real egyptian artifacts for sale

God Osiris Statue

Egyptian scarab for sale , symbol of Protection and Immortality.

Hand-Crafted Golden Sacred Winged Scarab Collectible Item for Sale

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God Osiris Statue

  • God Osiris is the God of the Underworld and one of the most important Egyptian gods 
  • Osiris was killed by his brother Seth but resurrected by his sister
  • wife Isis, becoming the God of the Underworld. His son Horus avenged his death 
  • Wonderful decorative statue to be placed anywhere at your home, specially on shelves, side tables, and entrances - God Osiris statue showing Osiris protecting the pharaoh 
  • Exactly As Real Egyptian Artifact was carefully crafted by experienced Egyptian artisans in Upper Egypt 
  • Dimensions: 3cm X 7cm X 9cm
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Fantastic opportunity to purchase this God Osiris statue. Osiris is one of the most emblematic gods in Ancient Egypt, son of the Earth and the Sky, father of the powerful Horus, and god of the Underworld. This statue is a versatile decorative item as it can be placed nearly anywhere at you house or office, and adding not only good look but also a rich cultural background. This product is the work of talented Egyptian craftsmen and proudly made in Egypt.
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