Nefertiti Earrings | Silver handmade Earrings

Queen Nefertiti Earrings, handmade of sterling Silver

lotus Earrings Silver | Sterling Silver Earrings

Lotus Flower stud Earring, handmade of Sterling silver and inlaid with semi-precious Lapis stone

Egyptian Style Earrings | silver earrings

Ancient Egyptian inspired Earring is handmade with Pure Silver

Queen Nefertiti Earrings, handmade of sterling Silver

• Buy a Queen Nefertiti earring is made of pure sterling silver is totally safe to your skin.

•  Silver handmade earrings by talented and professional Egyptian Craftsmen located at the heart of Cairo.

•  Hand-inlaid with precious Gemstones of coral, lips and Turquoise stones, for better value and classy look.

•  The historical iconic figure of Queen Nefertiti, a powerful woman with great achievements in Egyptian history. Lotus flowers are added to give the earrings the meaning of peace and love.

•  Lever back lock easy to open and close.

•  Fashionable and classy earring adding a classical beautiful touch to your outfit.

•  Approximate length of the earrings 3" L Cm.

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Beautiful shiny Nefertiti earrings are made of pure sterling Silver master quality that is totally safe to your skin. Silver hand-made earrings by talented and professional craftsmen who are located at the heart of Cairo handcrafted these earrings. Firstly, the design of the earrings is made on rough paper, and then it is graved on silver and trimmed for perfect equal edged surface. Finally, the earring is hand-inlaid with precious gemstones of Coral, Lapis and Turquoise in accurate beautiful ornaments.  The earring is made in length of around 3 cm for more elegant and luxurious look. Add historical royal touch to your outfit with trendy modern design that shines you up in any place you go.

Queen Nefertiti was marked in history as the first wife and Queen of King Ramesses II. She had become the ruler of Egypt after King Ramesses II in the mid of the 14 century B.C. The queen was known for her strong personality and her support for her husband during his succession.

The addition of lotus flower to the earring gave it royal taste, as Lotus flower is one significant motif of ancient Egyptian culture. It is meant to symbolize love and peace. To show love and intimacy, kings and queens were gifting lotus flowers.

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