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8” x 8” Isis Basalt Hieroglyphics Vase

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8” x 8” Isis Basalt Hieroglyphics Vase

  • Order now and own this stunning vase, handmade by local Egyptian artists, paying tribute to beloved ancient Egyptian goddess, Isis. This gorgeous vase is hand-carved out of high-quality, basalt stone and painted with a glossy paint for ultimate protection and a shiny finish. 
  • Isis was the ancient Egyptian goddess of magic and healing and was one of the most beloved deities. She was thought to be an embodiment of the cosmic order.
  • It is hand-carved and delicately painted with locally-sourced natural paint, adorned with detailed hieroglyphics.
  • This vibrant antique vase is a rare display piece, bringing a vintage touch to any space. It is perfect for lovers of Ancient Egyptian mythology and art.
  • Perfect for holding flowers or as a truly unique decor statement piece!
  • Dimensions: approximately inches 8 x 8 inches (20 x 20 cm)
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The ancient Egyptians adorned their homes, tomb, temples and holy burial places with similar vases, paying homage to the beloved Goddess, Isis.

The fine line work and precise carving is all hand-done by talented Egyptian artisans, accurately capturing how Isis was portrayed in ancient Egyptian art.

The Goddess Isis was one of the most important deities because she held so many different, significant powers. She was the bringer of magic as well as the protector of women.

Isis’ story begins with her as a secondary figure to Osiris, her husband. However, after being worshipped for thousands of years by the ancient Egyptians, Isis became known as Queen of the Universe and embodying the entire cosmic order.

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