Royal Handmade Egyptian Papyrus Paintings Featuring King Akhnaton's family, gyptian Papyrus Paintings

Royal Handmade Egyptian Papyrus Paintings Featuring King Akhnaton's family

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Royal Handmade Egyptian Papyrus Paintings Featuring King Akhnaton's family

  • Bright colored, Egyptian handmade on Royal papyrus.
  • The papyrus is cultivated the same way as the ancient Egyptian process. It is growing to the sunlight with high temperature to be flexible and of high quality.
  • Our Papyrus is licensed from the Ministry of Antiquities to produce this kind of papyrus.
  • The scene is painted by talented Egyptian artists, using Gouache colors. Gouache is a mixture of oil and watercolors. It lasts as shiny as it is, without getting affected by neither time nor temperature.
  • Egyptian papyrus Paintings features King Akhenaton and his wife with their three kids, representing family bonds and unity.
  • The Papyrus Painting is sized in around 15" Inches Width and 23" Inches Height.
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A scene of King Akhnaton’s family, bright colored, royal papyrus, handmade by Egyptian hands, planted by the sunlight, very flexible and easy to roll, painted by Egyptian artists, using Gouache colors 40x60 cm. A scene features the Akhenaton Family in their everyday life. Akhenaton was an ancient Egyptian pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty, who ruled for 17 years and died perhaps in 1336 BC or 1334 BC. In the scene, there are the king and the queen with their three kids playing together under the blessings of Ra (the god of the sun). The god Ra provides them with warmth and love. The King and The Queen are wearing simple and traditional home customs known in Ancient Egypt.

The portrait overall reflects the unity and love between the family members in Egypt, as it was the main factor for the success of the kingdom at that time. The scene is depicted on the papyrus as detailed as the scene found in the king’s tomb. Our talented artists use Gouache shinny rich paint that was used in the Egyptian galleries by ancient artists.

The smooth paint makes a shiny effect for perfect coverage of the scene. Our papyrus is handmade the same way as the Ancient Egyptians. We have a license from the government to make this papyrus of definitely high quality.

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Paper Size 60 x 40 Cm
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