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Hand-woven Silk Rug, of an Isfahan Persian Design in Pastel colors

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Boteh Round Area Rug is hand-woven of Natural Silk and Cotton material.

Hand-woven Silk Rug, of an Isfahan Persian Design in Pastel colors

  • Persian, Oriental area Handwoven silk rug of fully natural Silk material, which is featured by its super soft fabric and texture.
  •  Creative Weavers knotted the rug with mere hands within duration of 4 months.
  • Accuracy of creation with clear and sophisticated design. The one centimeter is made of 64 knots.
  • Isfahan oriental design that is made of balanced and symmetrical patterns with a main medallion surrounded by vines and floral patterns.
  • Pastel Colors combination- White, Orange, Green, Yellow and Gray colors.
  • Vintage design adds to your room kind or royal beauty with simple bright colors.
  • A perfect Size of a rug measures around 3x4 Feet.
  • Washing Tips- Dry wash, Carpet’s  shampoo wash.
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A Persian area hand-woven silk rug  is featured by its softness fabric and texture. It is hand-woven by creative weavers who knotted the full design of the rug by mere hand without any intervention of machines. It is such a piece of accurate creation and innovation, the one centimeter is hand-woven of around 64 knots. The oriental area rug in this sense takes around 4 months duration in order to be completed. After the knitting process, the rug undergoes some finishing touches to trim the surface for an equal surfaced rug. The fringes are also woven and strengthen.

The rug area is designed in Isfahan Oriental pattern.  The Isfahan design is one unique design among the oriental patterns. It is characterized by its symmetrical and balanced patterns. The Isfahan design is mainly divided into a major central medallion with surrounded vines and floral patterns and ivory background. Isfahan design was made by the Oriental tribes of either silk or wool materials.

Adding vintage taste to the rug, a blend of pastel colored threads is woven.  The threads are dyed with natural colors free of any chemicals. As we can see the rug is knotted from White, Orange, Green, Yellow and Gray colors. One more unique value added to the rug is its perfect medium size of around 3x4 feet to fit in any space you would like. A sophisticated designed rug is made of the best quality soft silk to grant you the softest experience on your foot.

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