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Handmade Wooden Bowl of Asersus wood sized in 22X9 cm

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Natural Beauty of Asersus wooden Plate For Multi Use With the Original Shape and Color of Tree Trunks

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Small Wooden Bowl is hand-made of Asersus Wood in size 18x8 cm

Handmade Wooden Bowl of Asersus wood sized in 22X9 cm

  • Handmade Wooden Bowl of Asersus wood by Egyptian hands at the heart of Cairo.
  • A piece of art transferring tree trunks into a bowl of a special kind of simple beauty.
  • Asersus wood is one of the best wood types around the world is known for its durability and flexibility in hand-crafting.
  • Natural colors of the tree with only thin coverage of glass paint for keeping it shiny.
  • Multi-use bowl, it can be used for serving soap, salad, rice or any food you like.
  • Totally safe and free of chemicals.
  • Perfectly sized in 22 W, 9 H, 7 L Cm.
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Wooden Bowl-ALI

Handmade Wooden bowl by talented Egyptian craftsmen of Asersus Wood. A kind of wood that is famous for its strength, durability and its flexibility to be transformed into usable products. Asersus Trees are rarely found in the world as it is only cultivated in some areas of Egypt and India. It is found in Egypt in Upper Egypt areas, specifically in Kom Ombo and Aswan. The tree itself is characterized by being of 25 m and the widest area of the tree measures 180 cm.

The Full process of transforming the trunks into products all are made manually. The trunks are firstly left for 2 to 4 years in order to be fully dry. After being totally dry, the rough outage of the trunks is trimmed nicely. Then the trunk is cut into different thick slices depending on its usage. After that, the slices are shaped accordingly. Finally, the item is painted with glass paint.

We introduce you a bowl that is carefully made for your multi-usages. You can use it to serve salad, rice, soap or any kind of food you like. It is sized in 22” W, 9” H, 7” L Cm to be easy to carry, and also for serving good amounts in it. It has the same colors of Natural trees because we are keen on giving you a full natural experience as having a share of Nature beauty in your home.

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