Customizable Egyptian cartouche of sterling silver, Egyptian Cartouch Pendant

Egyptian cartouche Pendant, handmade of sterling silver adorned with Ancient Egyptian Symbols

Personalized Egyptian Cartouche with your name letters in hieroglyphics, My
Name In Hieroglyphics Necklace,

My Name in Hieroglyphics Necklace handmade of Sterling Silver

Customize your Egyptian Cartouch pendant with chain, Egyptian Cartouche Necklace

Sterling Silver Customizable Cartouche Pendant with Chain Handcrafted in Egypt (1.5 x 0.8 inches)

Egyptian cartouche Pendant, handmade of sterling silver adorned with Ancient Egyptian Symbols

  • This customizable sterling silver cartouche captures the majestic and royal spirit of pharaonic fashion and jewelry.
  • Engrave your name in beautiful hieroglyphic letters just as ancient Egyptian royalty would have
  • This cartouche is engraved with three of the most iconic emblems from ancient Egypt: the key of life, the scarab beetle and the eye or Horus.
  • Wear this silver cartouche pendant as an amulet or to ward off bad luck and evil.
  • A cartouche is an oval frame that surrounds the hieroglyphs that make up the name of an Egyptian God or royalty. A cartouche represents a looped rope that has the magical power to protect the name that is written inside it.
  • Purchase now this royal silver cartouche, designed and handmade by professional craftsmen in the heart of Cairo.
  • The approximate size of the pendant is 5 x 2 cm (2 x 0.8 inches)
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Handmade simple cartouche pendant is carved by expert artisans in the heart of Cairo celebrating Egypt’s Pharaonic royal roots with the highest quality silver.

The cartouche is one of the most iconic and significant symbols to emerge from ancient Egypt. When reading hieroglyphics, the symbols enclosed in oval shapes are referred to as cartouches. Enclosed in these simple ovals are the names of Egyptian pharaohs. This critical discovery helped archaeologists decipher the hieroglyphic writing system.

Its shape is quite elegant. It is a simple oval with a line running tangent to it. The cartouche’s Egyptian name is shenu. Shenu refers to what is encircles. It takes the appearance of a loop of rope, which represents a shen ring or a circle representing eternity. A shen ring is also considered a protective symbol.

Cartouches were not just used for royalty. There were also used to write the name of the gods as well. The emergence of the cartouche is brought on by the pharaohs at end of the 3rd dynasty. However, it was Pharaoh Sneferu that put in place this royal practice officially. Typically the cartouche is vertical and fashioned with a horizontal line.

Engrave your name in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics today and own a piece of history!

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