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Wooden Decorative Plate Handcrafted Arabesque mother of shell ornamented plate

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Decorative Wooden Oriental Plate with Hand-Inlaid Mother of Pearl Arabesque Ornaments (8.5 H, 1 L inches)

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Hand-Crafted Islamic Arabesque Rounded Rustic Wood Vase, Hand-inlaid Natural Mother of Pearl (10 x 6 inches)

Wooden Decorative Plate Handcrafted Arabesque mother of shell ornamented plate

  • Arabesque ornamented Decorative plate is hand-made with Master quality Mahogany wood that is featured with its hardness and beautiful colors.
  • The decorative plate is hand-inlaid with rare precious mother-of-pearl that is totally natural extracted from the sea.
  • Glass painted edges with dark red paint that almost fits with most of the decorations.
  • Arabesque ornament that is royal Islamic design emerged in Islamic Egypt by imitating the natural elements through geometrical shapes and floral patterns.
  • Perfect piece of decoration that adds a royal touch of Islamic civilization to your room.
  • Approximate size of the plat is 31 H, 4 L Cm.
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Luxurious Islamic designed Decorative plate is hand-crafted with mahogany wood that is well-known for its master quality hard wood. The plat is shaped and hand-inlaid with our talented artists and craftsmen with precious rare mother of pearls. It is totally natural material mainly extracted from molluscan shells, and made up from the outer coating of pearls. The Nacre are cut into small pieces with different shapes, and then the shapes are painted with natural colors. The pearls are inlaid in the shape of the royal Islamic arabesque art style that identifies Islamic culture and civilization. Islamic artists were using their innovation to imitate the beautiful elements of Nature through geometrical obstruct patterns on their furniture. The plat is glass paint with dark red color that almost fits with most furniture items. Very special piece of decoration is with royal simple design to add inherited beauty to your room.

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