Goddess Bastet Mixed Media Print on Large  25

Goddess Bastet Mixed Media Print on Large 25" x 35" Canvas

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Goddess Bastet Mixed Media Print on Large 25" x 35" Canvas

- Mystical mixed media print of the Ancient Egyptian Goddess in traditional cat form, fulfilling her role as goddess of protection. This print is adorned with a handful of ancient Egyptian traditional motifs and symbols.

- Printed on a large 25” x 35” (64 x 90 cm) canvas—perfect large wall art for warming up any space.

- This portrait is a limited edition design as only 10 pieces have been produced.

- This is an original piece of art, created by a talented Egyptian artist and dedicated solely to our store.

- It is shipped rolled, in a secure drawing sheet container.

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This vintage charming artwork of the ancient Egyptian Goddess Bastet incorporates traditional pharaonic themes, symbols, and motifs to magnify the magnificence and significance of Bastet. The goddess Bastet was most popular in Lower Egypt; thus, the papyrus trees are present in the background as a homage to that part of Egypt.

Here we see Bastet in her traditional cat form, with the eye of Ra. This is because she was one of the goddesses who was known as the "eye of Ra" or the "eye of Atum," the sun. She symbolized Ra's feminine counterpart and was sent out to take vengeance on his enemies. The "eye of Ra" was both a part of Ra and a separate being from him. She had life-giving, protective, and also destructive capacities.

She is depicted guarding a palm tree, a symbolic representation of the Egyptian home and land, fulfilling her role as a goddess of protection. She was also the goddess of domesticity, women's secrets, cats, fertility, and childbirth. She protected the home from evil spirits and disease, especially diseases associated with women and children.

This 25 x 35 inches (64 x 90 cm) handmade print wall hanging will bring harmony and warmth to any space. Perfect for lovers of ancient Egypt.

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