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Natural Silk Hand-woven patch work design imitation Brown Area Rug.

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Sophisticated Natural silk White Area Rug, totally hand-woven with a Royal Design of Bukhara pattern

Natural Silk Hand-woven patch work design imitation Brown Area Rug.

  • Natural silk brown area rug of master quality, luxurious and classical look.
  • Hand-woven by creative and talented weavers without any interventions of machines.
  • Sophisticated design with a clear and accurate look, It is knotted in around 100 knots per square.
  • Great work of around 5 workers at the same to time within around 4-month duration to complete the Carpet.
  • Super creative and collective design as the carpet is a grid of the famous rugs’ designs. All are depicted on the carpet for a royal look and elegant appearance with geometrical floral patterns at the borders. Each grid has its significance and meaning.
  • Shiny selective colors with a classy blend of shades, Chocolate, Medium Aquamarine, beige, gray, Firebrick, olive, black and Sienna.
  • Viscous pile super soft for your feet, it can fit in the high traffic areas.
  • Bring a splash of colors to your room, fitting to your room with a classy luxurious look.
  • Various shades of color for a shiny lush sparkle with the different shades of light. It can seem darker or brighter in some areas.
  • Approximate size in 3×5 feet (without the fringes).
  • Washing tips: dry wash or wash it with carpets' shampoo.
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Creatively designed brown area rug is hand-woven with the finest of natural silk fabric. Our carpet is hand-woven with creative weavers without any interventions of machines for more value and exclusivity. The carpet is hand-knotted with around five weavers at a time. The one square is woven with around 100 knots. They take around 4 months, working on the carpet to complete its design. The great work has produced an accurate and sophisticated design with clear patterns. Collective design of all carpets design in a grid shape is knotted for a royal and classy pattern with separated borders of traditional geometrical floral pattern. Each grid carries one traditional design of symbolic meaning. 

For a better sophisticated and elegant look, the design is knotted with 8 selective colors. It is a blend of Chocolate, Medium Aquamarine, Beige, Grey, Firebrick, Olive, Black and Sienna colors. Our weavers follow the same traditional concept of Bukhara weavers of not exceeding 8 colors in the same rug.

Our carpet is of very high and viscose pile for a super soft texture and feeling on barefoot. The thick pile guarantees you a clean carpet for a long time. It also can be cleaned with dry clean or carpets’ shampoo. Our carpet is totally safe for your health. It is free of any chemical substances and made of fully natural materials. It can be used in any room according to your taste and even in high traffic areas without any worry.

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