Wooden Obelisks for Sale | Alabaster Obelisk For Sale

Hand-Carved Mahogany Wood Ancient Egyptian Obelisk (11.5 H, 3.5 W inches)

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Black Alabaster Ancient Egyptian Obelisk, Black Obelisk for sale

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Hand-Carved Mahogany Wood Ancient Egyptian Obelisk (11.5 H, 3.5 W inches)

  • Purchase your own mahogany wood obelisk miniature now and decorate your home like an ancient Egyptian!
  • Obelisks were important monuments in Ancient Egypt, built to celebrate an event, as homage to royalty or the deities.
  • This obelisk is hand-carved from stunning mahogany wood and decorated with precisely-carved hieroglyphics and ancient motifs.  
  • Order now and add a royal, vintage touch to any space. This unique collectible piece is perfect for lovers of ancient Egyptian history!
  • Dimensions: approximately 29 H, 9 W cm (11.5 H, 3.5 W inches)
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Order this mighty handmade obelisk today and own a special symbol of ancient Egyptian history and architecture. This beautiful obelisk is hand-carved out of high-quality mahogany wood, known for its beautiful finish, by our skilled craftsmen in the heart of Egypt.

Obelisks were erected as reverential monuments, celebrating the dead, honoring the gods and representing the kings. They were intended to symbolize renewal and rebirth as well as funerary monuments.

Obelisks were thought to attract and absorb the rays of the sun, allowing for the resurrection of the deceased. They were often decorated with hieroglyphics or images of kings and gods.

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