White Macaroon Alabaster Decorative Vase

Decorative Vase Handmade of Macaroon White Alabaster

Marble Yellow Alabaster Obelisk handmade by Egyptian Artists, Decorative Obelisk

Egyptian Decorative Obelisk Handmade of White Macaroon Alabaster

Turquoise Bowl, a fruit bowl, handmade of Turquoise Alabaster Material

Egyptian Fruit Turquoise Bowl handmade of Turquoise Alabaster

Decorative Vase Handmade of Macaroon White Alabaster

  • Vintage Decorative Macaroon white Alabaster vase is made with Turquoise alabaster of master quality.
  • Hand-made vase is made by small families’ hands in Upper Egypt.
  • Taste the royalty of ancient Egyptian design vase, to add unique beauty to your home.
  • Unique piece of decoration with royal design and marble surface.
  • Approximate size of the vase is 20 H, 8 W Cm.
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 Vintage Decorative Vase is Hand-made with Macaroon white alabaster of master material. The vase is 100% hand-made by talented and creative small families located in Upper Egypt. We always support the Entrepreneurship as we care about social development. These indigenous artisans bring the authenticity of their cultural heritage through their handmade artistic products, which ensures the originality of each item we offer. Royal vase is of marble surface of turquoise Alabaster. Super marvelous piece of decoration with medium size of 20 H, 8 W Cm is to add luxurious beauty to your home or your hotel. 

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