Brown Ancient Egyptian Obelisk handmade of Alabaster, Obelisk for sale

Brown-Painted Alabaster Obelisk Carved from Natural Egyptian Alabaster (6.5 H, 2 W inches)

Black Alabaster Ancient Egyptian Obelisk, Black Obelisk for sale

Black Alabaster Handmade Obelisk for Sale Adorned with Hieroglyphics (6.5 H, 2 W inches)

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Brown-Painted Alabaster Obelisk Carved from Natural Egyptian Alabaster (6.5 H, 2 W inches)

  • Order now this handmade brown-painted alabaster obelisk and decorate your home or office with one of the most iconic symbols from the Pharaonic era of Egypt.
  • This obelisk is the clever handmade work of local talented Egyptian artists specialized in antiques.
  • It is embellished with precisely-carved hieroglyphics, following in the tradition of the ancient Egyptians.
  • Obelisks were important celebratory and religious monuments in Ancient Egypt. They were often constructed to celebrate an event or to pay homage to royalty or the deities.
  • Alabaster was a highly-versatile material in Pharaonic times—used to make all sorts of things from small vessels to sculptures and tombs.
  • Order now and add a historical touch to any space. This one of a kind, handmade collectible antique is perfect for lovers of ancient Egyptian history!
  • Dimensions: approximately 17 H, 5 W cm (6.5 H, 2 W inches)
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Order this handmade alabaster obelisk today and own an extraordinary symbol of ancient Egyptian history and architecture. This beautiful obelisk is hand-carved out of stunning locally-sourced alabaster.

Alabaster was used for a variety of different items, from small vessels to carry perfumes, to burial items, to sculptures and tombs. It was a highly-versatile material due to its soft and easily malleable texture as well as its natural white color with natural colored veins.

Obelisks were built in temples and embellished with hieroglyphic letters that refer to religious dedications, usually in reference to god of sun, Ra. In other cases, obelisks were engraved with social instructions for public.

Obelisks were erected as reverential monuments, celebrating the dead, honoring the gods and representing the kings. They were intended to symbolize renewal and rebirth as well as serve as funerary monuments.

Obelisks were thought to attract and absorb the rays of the sun, allowing for the resurrection of the deceased. They were often decorated with hieroglyphics or images of kings and gods. We offer obelisks carved and decorated to resemble real obelisks made in the tradition of the ancient Egyptians.

This brown-painted ancient Egyptian obelisk is hand-made of natural pure alabaster powder. It is 100% handmade following the same technique passed down by the ancient Egyptian craftsmen. It is carved out of one whole stone, following the ancient Egyptian tradition. Obelisks in ancient Egypt were carved primarily from Granite stone, quarried at Aswan.

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